Curriculum Vitæ



Cover Design & Layout / Interior Design & Layout /Original Illustrations for “Alt-Wiener Küche”, Vintage Style Recipe Book
(client: Gerhard Loibelsberger & Ueberreuter Verlag, Vienna)

Concept / Curating for UTOPÆON, an interdisciplinary cultural series of events
(in cooperation with Bernhard Reicher, Markus Eisenhut & Stefanie Kurz, Graz)

Cover Design & Layout/Illustrations & Webdesign for “Micky Cola”, Multimedia Novel Project
(client: Gerhard Loibelsberger & Gmeiner Verlag, Meßkirchen)

Music Video Clip “Frühlingsgespenster”
(client: Die Buben Im Pelz, Vienna)



Graphic Design & Typography, Motion Graphics, Film Graphics, Animation Artwork and 2D Animations for “The Prophet and the Space Aliens” (documentary)
directed by Yoav Shamir
(clients: WILDart Film, Vienna / Yoav Shamir Films, Tel Aviv
Big World Cinema, Cape Town)

Book Re-Design / Graphic / Illustrations / Layout: “Secret Commonwealth” (Robert Kirk, Aberfoill, 1691)
(PANTHERION Library 2021)

Exhibition- and Graphic Design for “Schreiben im Schatten”, Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek
(Styrian Regional Library), Graz

Illustrations, Lyrics and Graphic Design for “Ludodrome of the Noosphere: NOO TAROT” Tarot Card Set
(clients/collaborators: E. Hödl & T. Schwarzbraun †)

Cover and Book Illustrations & Layout for “Vegan für Profis”
(Andrea Wittmann, Amazon KDP Publishing)

Music Video Clip “Kodachrom”
(client: Die Buben Im Pelz, Vienna)

Music Video Clip “Twin Peaks Theme”
(client: Black Palms Orchestra, Vienna / Seayou Records)

Music Video Clip “The Katzenjammer Kids”
(client: Les Machines Molles, Wies)

Vinyl-LP-Cover- & Label-Design for “ÖAD Control”
(client: super sonic silver haze, Graz)

Illustrationen, Graphic Design/Layout for “Die Kunst des Scheiterns”
(client: RMB Regionalmanagement Burgenland GmbH / edition lex liszt 12)

Art Curator for CunTRA
(Culture Club)


Curatorship and Graphic Design for “Parallele Welten” (“Parallel Worlds”), an exhibition of Styrian comic- and graphic-novel-artists
Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek (Styrian Regional Library), Graz

Chairman of sancTuary (art club)

“The Face Of A Joke”, Satirical Illustration & Caricature Workshop, Künstlerhaus – Halle für Kunst & Medien, Graz
(in the context of the exhibition “Deuscthland#ASNCHLUSS#Östereich” by Jan Böhmermann/bildundtonfabrik)

Illustrations for for “How to anticipate constraints on Upscaling Living Lab experiments”,
Regional Centre of Expertise – Education for Sustainable Development Graz-Styria, Karl-Franzens-Universität, Graz

Start and End Titles-Graphic Design / Typography for “Refugee Lullaby” (client: wildART film, Vienna)

Curatory Concept, Visual Identity and PR for “sancTuary”, Multifunctional Space for Cultural Purposes, Education and Art, Graz

Poster Art for “Stenches”, short movie
(client/Director: Rob Barriales), New York City/USA


Original Artwork for “Hot Bureau” (Working Title) Animation Video Clip
fredmansky!, Gleisdorf

Artwork (Colors, Inks, Pencils) for “Austrian Superheroes” Backstory, included in issue 16, comic series written by Harald Havas
published by Contentkaufmann, Vienna

Freelance Art Director & Advisor, Media Management for “Avinoc” Aviation Network Operation Chain, Graz / Hong Kong

Cover Design for “Zombie” / Digital Single Release by Sir Tralala

Cover-, Label-, Booklet-, Digipack-Design for “Echt gute böse Lieder” / 12” Vinyl / CD & “Life on Mars” / 7” Vinyl by Sir Tralala

Cover Design for “Die Wahrscheinlichkeit des Krieges” and “Die Möglichkeit des Friedens” / Historical Novels (by Stefan Rothbart)
TwentySix / Verlagsgruppe Random House – Bertelsmann

Music Video Clip “Eisenstraßn”
(client: Gebrüder Jakob)

Cover Artwork and Graphic Design / Layout for “Zweite Halbzeit”, Anthology Book
(client: Verein Frauenhäuser Steiermark / Residenz Verlag, Vienna)

Cover Artwork and Graphic Design / Layout for “Kurz & Strache sind geschüttelt”, Satirical Poetry Book
(client: Franz Olisar, Linz)

Flyer and Poster Graphic Design for KinoMelange #1 – new york stories
(client: Medienverein MacGuffin, Graz)

***since 2017

Visual Design, Camera and Editing for “Reicher & Stark”, youTube-channel and Podcast
(clients: Bernhard Reicher / Rudolf Stark)


Music Video Clip “Alles Leben ist Chemie”
(client: Die Buben Im Pelz, Vienna)

Animated Music Video Clip „Mit dir im Heu“
*Best Animation Award / NewBorn Short Film Festival 2017* and *Vienna Independent Film Festival Official Selection 2017*
(client: Lepenik, Graz)

Satirical Cartoons and Videoclip (Visuals) for „Fremde (teeren und) Federn“, Stage Comedy Show by Leo Lukas & Simon Pichler

Book-Cover „Zweite Halbzeit“, Anthology
(client: Verein Frauenhäuser Graz)

Music Video Clip “Endloser Sommer”
(client: Die Buben Im Pelz, Vienna)

Artwork and Lettering for “Austrian Superheroes” Backstory, included in issue 7, comic series written by Harald Havas
published by Contentkaufmann, Vienna

Graphic Design for “Outer Limits”
(client: Film Club Bioscope / MacGuffin, Graz)

“Koala Sam”, Web Site Character Design & Prototype Design for a stuffed animal (koala bear “Sam”) / soft toy giveaway
(client: Verein Frauenhäuser Steiermark)

“Mach dir keinen Druck!”, Poster Graphic Design & Artwork
(client: MKÖ – Medizinische Kontinenzgesellschaft Österreich, Vienna)

European Newspaper Award of Excellence for “Kleine Zeitung gezeichnet”, with collaborators Astrid Bernhard & Gerald Hartwig


Music Video Clip “Home”
(client: Black Palms Orchestra, Vienna / edition preQuel sound+vision)

Original Drawing / Inking for “Austrian Superheroes”, issue 3
(“Mission: Graz”), comic series written by Harald Havas
published by Contentkaufmann, Vienna

Website-, Poster & Flyer Graphic Design & Official Trailer Editing for “Hildegart, or: Project Superwoman”
(Director: Barbara Caspar)


Music Video Clip “Venus Im Pelz”
(client: Die Buben Im Pelz, Vienna / edition preQuel sound+vision)

Cover & Label Artwork and Layout for “Von Alaska bis Alaska – Songs from the Isolierband” Vinyl & CD Album
(client: Pumpkin Records Wies/Eibiswald)

Satirical Illustration Series “Woran glauben wir noch?”
(client: Energie Steiermark, Graz)

Co-Curator for the “Big Draw Day” art project “Quartiermeisterei” (“Quartermaster’s HQ”), in cooperation with Gerald Hartwig & Kunsthaus Graz


Graphic Novel “The Anger Diaries – Trilogy One”, comic edition preQuel
Original Animation Artwork for “Hildegart, or: Project Superwoman”
(Director: Barbara Caspar)

Cover Design and Artwork
(client: Visionarium / sf/horror/fantasy novels’ magazine)

Short Graphic Novel “Die Verschränkung”
(client: Wald magazine, Vienna)


Intro/Outro Title Design for “M-Team / Mission to Africa”, Commercial Short Video
(client: Austrian Metalwork Industry / G+K Filmproduktion)

Animated Visuals for “Radio Manna”
(Black Manna CD Release Event, Filmcasino, Vienna)
edition preQuel sound+vision

Animation Short for “50 Jahre KUG”
(University for Music and Performance Arts’ 50th anniversary) in cooperation with IEM (Institute for Electronic Music)
edition preQuel sound+vision

Director/Concept for “Out Of The Box #001: Gert M. Hofmann”, Documentary Short
(client: Medienverein McGuffin / edition preQuel sound+vision)

Visual Identity/Graphic Design/Layout
(client: “Zeitung”, independent diversity magazine / CunTRA, Graz)

Graphic Design/Layout for “50 Jahre KUG”- catalogue
(client: University for Music and Performance Arts)

***since 2012

Layout/Graphic Design/Illustration for “Omen – Die aufsehenerregendsten Fälle von Pantherion”, Pulp Novel Series
edition preQuel grotesque

Layout/Graphic Design/Illustration for “Morbus”, Pulp Novel Series edition preQuel grotesque


Director/Set Design Assistance/Prop Design/Camera Assistance/Public Relations/CI/Web Design/Actor/Creator and Producer (with B. Reicher)
for “PANTHERION – Reality Is Debatable”, TV/Web-Series Pilot Demo Movie
edition preQuel

***since 2011

Illustrator for Rokko’s Adventures magazine


Animation Keyframe Drawings for “Der Mythenberg”
Director: Roland Berger
(client: shotshotshot)

***since 2010

Illustrator for FLAIR and h.o.m.e. magazines

***since 2009

Senior Lecturer at University for Music and performing Arts Graz / Stage Design Institute


Re-Formation of edition preQuel (with T. Ballhausen and C. Vogeltanz)
Artwork for “Anger Diary #2: Wired Worlds” (Story: T. Ballhausen)
edition preQuel

***since 2008

Cover Illustrations and Layout for Milena Verlag
Graphic Design/Layout for
University for Music and performing Arts Graz


Cartoonist for ZAK (CR-magazine / Chamber of Labour, Styria)

Character Design for “Das Geheimnis des Steirischen Panthers”
Director: R. Berger
(client: shotshotshot)

Graphic Design (Website & Poster Art) for “Die Faust”
Director: A. Schwarzenberger
(client: G+K Filmproduktion)


Illustrator/Cartoonist for Falter magazine, Graz (until 2010)

Animation Artwork/Roto Drawings/Web Design for “Who’s Afraid Of Kathy Acker?”, Director’s Cut (Director: B. Caspar)
(clients: fragile features/cameo/fischerfilm)

Director for Non-Smoking Commercial Clip
(clients: roro+zec / Federal State Government Styria)

Actor/Script/Post-Production for “Rigoletto”, ring.award 08 Teaser Trailer
(clients: ring award art club/entrancExit)

Animation Artwork for “Drink All Day”, Music Clip
(client: Binder-Krieglstein)


Illustrator for Korso magazine
Artwork for “Anger Diary #3: Inmates” (Story: T. Ballhausen)
comic edition preQuel


Animation Artwork & Graphic Design for “MUMUTH-Zum Raum wird hier die Zeit”
(clients: University for Music and performing Arts Graz / / mediaeffect / entrancExit)

Webdesign for the Eco-Footprint-Online-Game “Bigfoot”
(clients: Greenpeace/Datenkraft)


Artwork for the Graphic Novel “Anger Diary #5: Funkschatten”
(Story: H. Sver and M. Schwarzl)
    comic edition preQuel


“Wandering Library Project Twylyfe” (with M. Krusche, J. Schützenhöfer, J. Kapeller and C. Gschier)
50th Biennale of Venice


Foundation of comic edition preQuel

Artwork/Story for the Graphic Novel “Anger Diary #1: Der Citoyen”
comic edition preQuel


ORF online – Comic-Contest Special Award

Stage- and Costume Design/Script Assistance for “Deconstructing Eggenberg” / Short Film
Director: W. Hengstler
(Steirische Landesausstellung 2000)

Stage Design and Visual Identity for “Who killed Arnie?”
Stage Play by M. G. Wanko / Director: H. Kramar
(Palais Attems, Graz / Kabelwerk, Vienna)

***since 1998

Lecturer for Freehand Drawing / Industrial Design Study Course
FH Joanneum, Joanneum Research


Cartoonist / Wann&Wo magazine
(client: Vorarlberger Nachrichten)


Stage- and Costume Design/Graphic Identity for “Hellscapes”
(client: IntroSpection Graz)


Stage- and Costume Design/Light Concept/Dramaturgy/Concept/Production Identity for “Performance i!” / T.i.P., Graz
(client: entrancExit)

Artwork for “Mahlzeit!” (Story: M. G. Wanko)
Special Comic Sterz Issue Nr. 73
(client: Sterz)


Formation of Art Club entrancExit (with C. Gschier & M. Baur)


Stage- and Costume Design for “Cymbeline” / W. Shakespeare
(Forum III Theater Stuttgart)

***since 1993

Freelance Artist


Stage- and Costume Design for “Dreck” / R. Schneider
(Studio Stage, Opera Graz)


(client: Der Nebelspalter, Basel)


Art Director and Illustrator / Public Relations Dept. of Temmel KG


UAP Sighting


Stage Design Diploma Study
University for Music and performing Arts Graz

1968 / Aug 27

Born in Graz / Austria