curriculum vitae


– Music Video Clip “Alles Leben ist Chemie” (client: DIE BUBEN IM PELZ, Vienna)
– Animated Music Video Clip „Mit dir im Heu“ (client: LEPENIK, Graz),
*Best Animation Award / NewBorn Short Film Festival 2017* and *Vienna Independent Film Festival Official Selection 2017*
– Satirical Cartoons and Videoclip (Visuals) für „FREMDE (TEEREN UND) FEDERN“, Stage Comedy Show by Leo Lukas & Simon Pichler
– Book-Cover „ZWEITE HALBZEIT“, Anthology (client: Verein Frauenhäuser Graz)
– Music Video Clip “Endloser Sommer” (client: DIE BUBEN IM PELZ, Vienna)
– Visual Design, Camera and Editing for “Reicher & Stark”, youTube-channel and Podcast (clients: Bernhard Reicher / Rudolf Stark)
– Illustrations and Graphic Design for LUDODROME OF THE NOOSPHERE Card Set (clients / collaborators: Elisabeth Hödl / Thomas Schwarzbraun)
– Artwork and Lettering for AUSTRIAN SUPERHEROES Backstory, included in issue 7, comic series written by Harald Havas, published by Contentkaufmann, Vienna
– Graphic Design for “Outer Limits” (client: Underground Film Club BIOSCOPE / MacGuffin, Graz)

– European Newspaper Award of Excellence for “Kleine Zeitung gezeichnet”, with collaborators Astrid Bernhard & Gerald Hartwig

– Music Video Clip “HOME” (client: BLACK PALMS ORCHESTRA, Vienna / edition preQuel sound+vision)
– Original Drawing / Inking for AUSTRIAN SUPERHEROES, issue 3 (“mission: graz”), comic series written by Harald Havas, published by Contentkaufmann, Vienna
– Website-, Poster & Flyer Graphic Design & Official Trailer Editing for “HILDEGART OR: PROJECT SUPERWOMEN” (Director: Barbara Caspar)

– Music Video Clip “VENUS IM PELZ” (client: DIE BUBEN IM PELZ, Vienna / edition preQuel sound+vision)
– Cover & Label Artwork and Layout for “VON ALASKA BIS ALASKA – Songs from the Isolierband” Vinyl & CD Album (client: Pumpkin Records Wies/Eibiswald)
– Satirical Illustration Series “Woran glauben wir noch?” (client: ENERGIE STEIERMARK, Graz)
– Co-Curator for the BIG DRAW DAY art project “QUARTIERMEISTEREI” (“QUARTERMASTER’S HQ”), in cooperation with Gerald Hartwig & Kunsthaus Graz

– THE ANGER DIARIES – TRILOGY ONE / comic edition preQuel
– Original Animation Artwork for “HILDEGART OR: PROJECT SUPERWOMEN” (Director: Barbara Caspar)
– Cover Design and Artwork (client: “VISIONARIUM” / sf/horror/fantasy novels’ magazine)
– Short Graphic Novel DIE VERSCHRÄNKUNG (client: WALD magazine, Vienna)

– Intro/Outro Title Design for “M-TEAM / Mission to Africa”, Commercial Short Video  (client: Austrian Metalwork Industry / G+K Filmproduktion)
– Animated Visuals for “RADIO MANNA” (Black Manna CD Release Event, Filmcasino, Vienna) / edition preQuel sound+vision
– Animation Short for “50 Jahre KUG” (University for Music and Performance Arts’ 50th anniversary) in cooperation with IEM (Institute for Electronic Music) / edition preQuel sound+vision
– Director/Concept for “Out Of The Box #001: Gert M. Hofmann”, Documentary Short (client: Medienverein McGuffin / edition preQuel sound+vision)
– Visual Identity/Graphic Design/Layout (client: “Zeitung”, independent diversity magazine / CunTra La Kunsthure, Graz)
– Graphic Design/Layout for “50 Jahre KUG”- catalogue (client: University for Music and Performance Arts)

since 2012
– Layout/Graphic Design/Illustration for “OMEN – Die aufsehenerregendsten Fälle von PANTHERION”, Pulp Novel Series / edition preQuel grotesque
– Layout/Graphic Design/Illustration for “MORBUS”, Pulp Novel Series / edition preQuel grotesque

– Director/Set Design Assistance/Prop Design/Camera Assistance/Public Relations/CI/Web Design/Actor/Creator and Producer (with B. Reicher)
for “PANTHERION – Reality Is Debatable”, TV/Web-Series Pilot Movie / edition preQuel

since 2011
– Illustrator for Rokko’s Adventures magazine

– Animation Keyframe Drawings for “Der Mythenberg” (Director: Roland Berger) / client: shotshotshot

since 2010
– Illustrator for FLAIR and h.o.m.e. magazines

since 2009
– Senior Lecturer at University for Music and performing Arts Graz / Stage Design Institute

– Re-Formation of edition preQuel (with T. Ballhausen and C. Vogeltanz)
– Artwork for “anger diary #2: Wired Worlds” (Story: T. Ballhausen) / edition preQuel

since 2008
– Cover Illustrations and Layout for Milena Verlag
– Graphic Design/Layout for University for Music and performing Arts Graz

– Cartoonist for ZAK (CR-magazine / Chamber of Labour, Styria)
– Character Design for “Das Geheimnis des Steirischen Panthers” (Director: R. Berger) / client: shotshotshot
– Graphic Design (Website & Poster Art) for “DIE FAUST” (Director: A. Schwarzenberger) / client: G+K Filmproduktion

– Illustrator/Cartoonist for FALTER, Graz (until 2010)
– Animation Artwork/Roto Drawings/Web Design for “Who’s Afraid Of Kathy Acker?”, Director’s Cut (Director: B. Caspar) / clients: fragile features/cameo/fischerfilm
– Director for Non-Smoking Commercial Clip (clients: roro+zec / Federal State Government Styria)
– Actor/Script/Post-Production for “RIGOLETTO”, ring.award 08 Teaser Trailer (clients: ring award art club/entrancExit)
– Animation Artwork for “Drink All Day”, Music Clip (client: Binder-Krieglstein)

– Illustrator for Korso magazine
– Artwork for “anger diary #3: Inmates” (Story: T. Ballhausen) / comic edition preQuel

– Animation Artwork & Graphic Design for “MUMUTH-ZUM RAUM WIRD HIER DIE ZEIT” (clients: University for Music and performing Arts Graz / / mediaeffect / entrancExit)
– Webdesign Online-Game “BIGFOOT” (clients: Greenpeace/Datenkraft)

– Artwork for “anger diary #5: Funkschatten” (Story: H. Sver and M. Schwarzl) / comic edition preQuel

– “Wandering Library Project TWYLYFE” (with M. Krusche, J. Schützenhöfer, J. Kapeller and C. Gschier) / 50th Biennale of Venice

– Foundation of comic edition preQuel
– Artwork/Story for “anger diary #1: Der Citoyen” / comic edition preQuel

– ORF online – Comic-Contest Special Award
– Stage- and Costume Design/Script Assistance for “Deconstructing Eggenberg” / Short Film (Director: W. Hengstler / Steirische Landesausstellung 2000)
– Stage Design and Visual Identity for “Who killed Arnie?” (Stage Play by M. G. Wanko / Director: H. Kramar) / Palais Attems, Graz / Kabelwerk, Vienna

since 1998
– Lecturer for Freehand Drawing / Industrial Design Study Course / FH Joanneum, Joanneum Research

– Cartoonist / Wann&Wo (Vorarlberger Nachrichten)

– Stage- and Costume Design/Light Concept/Dramaturgy/Concept/Production Identity for “Performance i!” / T.i.P., Graz (entrancExit)
– Artwork for “Mahlzeit!” (Story: M. G. Wanko) / Special Comic Sterz Issue Nr. 73

– Formation of Art Club entrancExit (mit C. Gschier und M. Baur)

– Stage- and Costume Design for “Cymbelin” (W. Shakespeare) / Forum III Theater Stuttgart

since 1993
– Freelance Artist

– Stage- and Costume Design for “Dreck” (R. Schneider) / Studio Stage, Opera Graz

– Cartoonist for Der Nebelspalter (Basel)

– Art Director and Illustrator / Public Relations Dept. of Temmel KG

– UAP Sighting

– Stage Design Diploma Study / University for Music and performing Arts Graz

– Born in Graz / Austria








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